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ice and penguin | February 04, 2007

ice and penguin || canon350d/efs10-22@22 | 1/60s | f6.3 | iso400 | handheld

ice and penguin

ice and penguin
More images from the Microsoft Windows Vista ice house, and the Linux penguin watching from across the street at Dundas Square.

They were giving away copies of Vista Ultimate and Office Pro but I wasn't lucky enough to win (yes, I'm a Windows user!)

update: just to clarify, I'm a fan of open source operating systems like Linux. But the programs I use only exist on Windows (like 3DS Max). It's not that i love Windows really. Give me Amiga OS any day with applications I want and I'll happily switch! As for Macs, not for me. I was a Mac user for 5 years, and never liked them.