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whitby self portrait II | April 21, 2005

self portrait, broken mirror || canon 350d/efs18-55@55 | 1/6s | f5.6 | ISO 800 | handheld
1. this is shot in a washroom at whitby's abandoned psychiatric hospital.
2. I do not have a skin disease!
3. note to photoshop haters: before sending hate mails/comments let me explain that this photo is made of 2 photos; one of me shooting myself in the mirror and one is the wall texture behind me and yes they are put on top of one another using photoshop. in film world you can either double expose to get this effect or do it in the darkroom, so this is no photoshop/computer/digital effect only. now send me those hate mails.
4. the new canon digital rebel xt or 350D is a great camera with a few stupid glitches. I'll post a mini review soon.
5. whitby self portrait I

...and the closing party for PUBLICity is tonight; from 7pm to 10pm. see you there.