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swan lake (ontario) | December 08, 2003

Canon Digital Rebel | 1/200s | F10 | ISO 100 | 55mm

Canon Digital Rebel | 1/320s | F10 | ISO 100 | 18mm
shot yesterday at the beaches, toronto. a hard test for the digital rebel (which i got one at last) because of the very cold weather. the camera performed with no problem exposed to the extreme cold for more than an hour. my companions and i had a harder time dealing with the chill!

photography tip for cold weather (<-10c): to prevent damage to the lens and the electronics of your camera, remember to have a plastic bag with you and wrap the camera in it and then put it in the camera case after you're done shooting in the cold weather. it's very important to do so before you get indoors or anywhere warm. this way the camera will reach the environment's temperature slowly and the glass (lens) and other parts won't be damaged. this might take a few hours, so if you can't wait to see the photos, remember to take the memory card out before sealing the camera!