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moon at the beaches | July 06, 2005

moon at the beaches || canon 350d/efs18-55@18 | 89s | f6.3 | iso200 | tripod
shot at 1:00am, toronto's beaches.

update: thank you all for the warm feedback. just to clarify a few things and answer some questions:

- this is the moon and not the sun! when it started to come up it was totally red and then became orange (which was at the time I took this shot) and then turned to white/blue when it was higher in the sky.
- I used the B (bulb) shutter setting on the camera and decided for 1:30m exposure with f6.3 but since it was pitch dark I used the timer on my palm pilot and I was one second off to end the exposure, that explains the 89 seconds! and the 1:00am (after midnight) time is indeed correct, the long exposure made the night look like day. and this is one photo, not a combination of two.
- white balance was set to auto but since I shoot RAW, I can always select the right white balance later. the colours here are very close to what I remember from that night, although it was very dark.
- this was shot more than a week ago, at the same time as this.
- you can notice the movement of the moon in the sky by the slight angle of its reflection on the water surface. the actual moon itself is streaking like the stars but since it's blown out it's not as noticeable.

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