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five | October 21, 2004

five || canon 300d/kit lens | 1/80s | f5 | ISO 100
rasht road, northern iran.

update at 6:06pm ET:
i came back from a long day of work after not checking my site for more than 16 hours to find chaos in the comments section. due to work related issues, i do not have much time to spend administering the site these days so as a result the comments section is closed effective immediately until further notice. furthermore, i revealed the ip addresses of the posters in the comments pages of all posts which gives out interesting clues about clone posters.

also as mentioned before, if the comments are not related to the photos posted here; negative or positive, or not about photography in general, and are written for the sole purpose of insulting an individual i do have the right to remove or edit the inappropriate words, as i will in the case of the comments posted today. i do not appreciate the use of my comments section as an excuse to insult people.

sorry to all, i wish i had time to handle things more efficiently.

lastly, i didnít have much time to respond to a lot of comments/emails/forum threads in the past couple of weeks and i do apologize to all the people whom i didnít respond to yet. i will respond as quickly as i can.