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tall bce place | January 04, 2006

tall bce place || canon350d/ef17-40L@17 | 1s | f6.3 | M | iso200 | tripod
toronto's bce place with christmas lights.

I have other photos of this place on my site, but I wanted to re-shoot the place to include more height by including the escalator. since I don't have a lens that is wide enough, this one is a panoramic photo resulting from 3 photos that are stiched together. realviz sticher -a complicated yet powerful software- was used for the base of the stiching and final touches were done in photoshop.

update: here's a link to smaller version. and this one was shot at around 1:00am so that's why nobody is around.
and sticher is only one of many panorama tools around. most cameras come with a software that is good enough for most occasions.