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ddoi year 1 | July 09, 2004

[daily dose of imagery]'s ONE year anniversary collage [ddoi] officialy started one year ago this day. "officialy started" means it was announced to a handful of friends via email as a fun project. i had no intention of running it this long, but here it is, thanks to all you visitors. i was lucky enough to have a lot of visitors from around the globe.

so far, around 395 photos have been posted in 370 entries. there are a few updates to the site and some happening soon, but the most important of them is the size of the photos. as you might have already noticed, i extended the width of the site by 150 pixels, which allows posting 750px wide photos instead of 600px. i always felt limited by the width size and wanted to post larger images. if you noticed the older images on the site look stretched, you need to refresh the page or to make it easier, empty your browser's cache.

now, since it's a birthday, here's some fun stuff and geek reports!

[daily dose of imagery] year 1 wallpaper

a collage wallpaper of all the photos posted so far. if interested, click on the desired size (according to your monitor resolution)

[ddoi] monthly visitor report for year 1

october was when the site started getting a lot of hits and was linked in numerous sources. the timelapse videos were a huge hit and were a part of it's october success. [ddoi] now attracts more than 30,000 unique visitors every month. a big part of this site's popularity comes from photoblogs.org which is an amazing community and i have to thank all the people there for voting for me.

[ddoi] charts for geeks!

using these numbers made me decide about the new size for my photos. if the 800x600 users were less than %10 i might have chosen an even larger size, but there are still many 800x600 users out there.

[ddoi]'s year 1 commentograph!

i made this only for fun. it's very interesting that both the highest and lowest number of comments were around the exact middle of the site's life! you can click on the hotspots of this chart:

thank you again for visiting and supporting [daily dose of imagery]. see you in year 2...

800x600 1280x1024 montreal bird's eye view | January 04, 2004 narrow | December 28, 2003 king subway | February 05, 2004 concrete pattern | March 09, 2004 circular reflection | April 14, 2004 the chair | June 16, 2004 beetle | July 15, 2003 ocean of clouds | September 25, 2003 toronto western sky timelapsed | September 30, 2003 reinvigorate