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Nine | July 04, 2012

Nine || Canon 5D2/EF100f2.8L | 1/13s | f4.5 | ISO800
Magnets on iPad.
Nine Years ago on this day I started this Photoblog. And the Tenth and final year of ddoi starts today. Thank you all for visiting.
Wow! I didn't expect this much reaction. I’m very grateful to have such great visitors. Thank you so much for your support and your kind words.
I need to further explain about the 10 years decision, which was a very hard one to make. The daily dose of imagery project needs to end at some point and I think 10 years will be a good run, much longer than I ever imagined when I started it.
After July 4th 2013, I will continue posting photos, videos and more but not on a daily basis. It will be a fresh start, most likely at a new address. I will keep you all posted on the new direction I’ll be taking and I hope you will continue checking out my work.
If it wasn't for your support, ddoi wouldn't last this long. I'm very thankful.