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diver in snow | February 04, 2009

diver in snow || Canon5D2/EF200f2.8L | 1/200s | f2.8 | ISO1600 | handheld
Street Theatre Pi-Leau by Close-Act at Toronto's Nathan Phillips Square. Cold weather and falling snow didn't stop the performers and created a beautiful setting for them. This free performance repeats this Friday and Saturday.
Quick tip: In situations like this which includes concerts and night time performances, it's best to meter for a good exposure for the foreground which in this case is the performer. To do this you can use your camera's Spot Meter to get an exposure from the face of the artists, or just use Manual Exposure and check your camera's histogram until you get a good result and then lock it. It's very easy to over-expose these shots since the camera tends to over-expose to compensate for the dark background. You can also use a -1 or -2 EV setting to balance it.