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fire fighter memorial | July 16, 2007

fire fighter memorial || CANON5D/EFS17-40L@17 | 1/125S | F8 | ISO200 | HANDHELD
Ontario Fire Fighter Memorial. Queen's Park, North of College in Toronto.
Smaller version on flickr.

As many have noticed I've moved up to a new Camera, the Canon 5D. I like it very much but since the files are much bigger (with surprisingly more information both in resolution and dynamic range), my processing has become slower. I might now need a better computer! It never stops, does it?
Also one very important thing about a full-frame camera is the fact that it shows all the imperfections of the lenses since there is no cropping involved anymore. That means you need to use only very high quality lenses. Fortunately my old Canon EF 17-40L is a great lens, and I added a Canon prime EF 50mm f1.4 for the more normal FOV. I still have to fill the 40mm to 70mm Gap somehow, and I'm considering the Canon 24-70L but that's not going to be until much later.
I still use my Rebel XT, it's a great camera and much lighter and more portable than 5D.