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leo laporte | January 31, 2007

leo laporte || canon350d/efs60 | 1/125s | f4 | iso800 | handheld

leo laporte || canon350d/efs60 | 1/100s | f3.5 | iso800 | handheld
Leo Laporte, on the set of Call for Help in Toronto a couple of weeks ago. I have been lucky enough to be a guest for the show four times, and the last show I've been on (Episode 489) will air on March 6. Unfortunately Call for Help is no more and Leo has a new show recording in Vancouver. Toronto will miss you Leo!

Previous CFH episodes are available for sale on google video, but weirdly enough only available to U.S. residents! And here I thought internet is an international thing! I was a guest on episodes 489, 379, 367 and 328.