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2007 photos | January 01, 2007

ddoi 2007 photos || mosais
I was thinking about doing another mosaic so I though I'll check my folder for all the photos I have so far for ddoi. And guess what! there were exactly 2007 photos in that folder! What are the chances!

Out of these 2007 photos I've posted about 1500 of them on ddoi and the rest were skipped for one reason or another. So here's a mosaic assembly of these 2007 photos. Actually what you see consists of 2852 photos which means some of the photos are duplicates to complete the grid.

To see a much bigger version of this check out the flickr post for it.

Happy 2007, and I wish you all the best new year.

... and yesterday ddoi was selected as website of the day by TAXI! thanks guys.

update: this is made with the help of a great free piece of software called Foto-Mosaik written by Steffen Schirmer.