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observer in pink | May 31, 2006

observer in pink || canon350d/efs10-22@19 | 1/15s | f4.5 | Tv | iso200 | handheld
panning a girl spectating downtown toronto on yonge and dundas. I didn't have time to think so the framing is not ideal, I wish I left more space on the left side of the frame behind the jeep.

update: I usually ask permission from the people who appear in my photos but there are times that it's impossible, like the photo above. since photographing strangers and posting photos on a public photoblog or flickr is always a concern, you might find this article in wired interesting. in brief here's what they say:
"As long as your subjects don't have a "reasonable expectation of privacy" - meaning they're not somewhere they'd never expect a camera to be - you're on pretty solid ground. Even if you photograph them while they're on private property, you're in the clear - just make sure they're in plain view and you're not trespassing." from WIRED 14.05