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equipment list | August 13, 2005

ddoi equipments

so we're still stuck in toronto. we went to the airport again and the flights got cancelled again and we might not be able to leave until monday. when we got home I opened my backpack and thought it's a good time to answer the common "what kind of equipments do you use" question since I had a lot of things packed up already in one place. so sorry if this is a purely technical and therefore boring post for many visitors who don't care about what's mentioned here.

so here's the list of what I'm taking with me on the (imaginary) trip:

a. canon digital rebel XT (350D) camera body.
b. canon ef 17-40 L f4 lens
c. canon ef 70-200 L f4 lens
d. canon ef 50mm f1.8 mkII lens
e. canon speedlight 550EX external flash
f. tiffen circular polarizer 77mm filter + 68->77 step-up ring.
g. sandisk ultra II 1GB flash card (another one is in the camera)
h. canon battery pack NB-2LH (one is in the camera)
k. canon battery charger CB-2LT
m. lomo lc-a film camera
n. lomo supersampler film camera
o. charger for the share steno drive (see "t")
p. usb cable
q. iso 800 film roll
r. iso 200 film roll
s. apacer multi format USB2 card reader
t. apacer share steno CD311 40GB USB2 hard drive*
u. TTL cable for off hot-shoe flash use
v. mini giotto tripod
w. lensbaby 2.0
x. lowepro computrekker AW backpack

* The share steno drive connects directly to any usb device such as a card reader or the camera itself for backing up files. this eliminates the need to use of a laptop or a workstation. when my cards are full I just connect the card reader to this device and transfer the images to it and format the cards. I also store video clips and music on this drive for my PSP for flights since the 1GB memory stick for the PSP is not nearly enough for storing a full season of 24!

and I shot the above photo with my wife's canon sd300 camera.