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bench icycles | February 19, 2005

bench icycles || canon 300d/ef-s 18-55 | 1/60s | f5.6 | ISO 100 | handheld
distillery district, east of downtown toronto.

about yesterday's photo:
First, thank you all for your warm feedbacks.
Second, I'll put a wallpaper version of it soon.
Third, to all those who asked about the processing and colours of it: as i said before, i do not invent or add any colours or elements in my photos unless mentioned otherwise. this photo has been processed just like it could have been processed in a traditional dark-room. i'll post a detailed description of how it's done plus the raw version as soon as i find the time, but the procedure is very similar to this image and you can see my mini tutorial on how it's done in the forum here. i use photoshop as a traditional photographer uses his dark-room. as many photographers believe; when you click the shutter only half of the work is done, and the rest is in post to correct all the shortcomings of your equipment and try to bring the image as close as you can to what your brain captured and remembers from that moment in time. you can join the discussion about this ongoing debate here in the forum.