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cloud maker | December 30, 2004

cloud maker || canon 300d/kit lens | 1/160s | f8 | ISO 200 | handheld
distillery district, downtown toronto. no photoshop tricks here, i walked around to find the right angle with the valve and the cloud.

as delvin pointed out, this could be a splash logo for valve software's steam service. i think i played too much half-life 2!

i still get many questions about photos being edited in photoshop or not. there is a thread about this in the forum with different points of view (including mine) regarding this subject, join the conversation if you like. the forum needs you to register to be able to post (it's free and is required to prevent spamming)
i usually don't clutter ddoi's space with too much text since it's meant to be an image display space and answer questions in the forum instead.