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plane at twelve | October 19, 2004

plane at twelve || canon 300d/EF 70-200 f4 L | 1/640s | f4.5 | ISO 200
shot in toronto from the rooftop of the building we live in. one of many great advantages of a digital slr camera over the point and shoot ones is the almost non-existent shutter lag, which made it possible for the plane to be included in the frame.

update: it seems that some people are puzzled about the scale of the elements in this photo. to clear things up, this is shot using a canon EF 70-200 f4L lens at 200mm, and adding the 1.6 multiplier of the digital rebel sensor it equals 320mm which is a pretty strong telephoto. a telephoto lens produces an effect called "compressed perspective" which brings distant objects closer together. all this happens in the camera through the lens. this photo has been cropped and colour corected in post and the plane, island, buildings and clock tower are untouched. for more info and example on this effect click here for a brief description on photozone.de

on a funny side note, check out the ddoi's clone site; [daily dose of generic photos]! someone has decided to put an identical image on this site daily with a similar layout to ddoi. i have no idea who that person is or shy he/she is doing it (to make the statement of the photos on this site being generic maybe), but it's fun anyways! check out the daily shots and compare with the same day here!