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king subway | February 05, 2004

king subway || digital rebel | 1/2s | F3.5 | ISO 800
entrance to the subway on king & yonge.

update: thanks a lot for your kind words.
Now to answer a few questions:

1. i shot this handheld while standing on the stairs and leaning against the wall.

2. this site has huge traffic (which i'm very happy for it), but i'm already past my bandwidth limits which means it's costing me a lot of money. that's why i can't offer higher resolution images on this site. i will however try to send them via email to people who are interested as often as i can (i get many requests, which i'm grateful for, but it means my responses will be slower)

3. the reason that I have a lot of subway shots is because in toronto if you don't drive (which is my case) you're gonna use subway all the time especially in winter time. and i love riding the subway anyways.

4. i had the Gotham City look in mind while posting this photos, and i'm very happy it communicated the idea. the sky is not fake and was this dark, although I wish it was cloudy (and a batman sign in the clouds would have been nice!)