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moore at AGO | January 30, 2004

henry moore collection at AGO || canon digital rebel | 1/15s | F3.5 | ISO 400

henry moore collection at AGO || canon digital rebel | 1/25s | F3.5 | ISO 400
permanent exhibition of henry moore's sculptures at AGO.

I want to thank John Bowman for having me last night on CKLN Radio (Ryerson University's radio station -- 88.1 on the FM) on his show Dotwave. We talked about Bloggie nonimation and photoblogging in general. Joey the Accordion Guy, the nominee from toronto for the Weblog of the year was on the show as well.

sidenote: I apologize for the recent chaos in the comments section. Some individual(s) were using the comments board to insult other individual(s) and I was forced to erase their comments as they had nothing to do with this site's content. Here are a few notes for leaving comments:

1- If the comments are about photography or my photos, either postitive or negative, they will stay.

2- If the comments are not relevant to this site's mission (photography) or the contents of the site (my photos and whatever content they might have) I have the right to delete them.

3- If the comments are written for the sole purpose of offending an individual or a group of people, it will be erased and their machine's IP will be blocked.

I hope this clears things up, because I don't want to close the comments since they are very helpful for visitors and myself. I apologize again for any inconvenience that this post has caused.