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panning at night | December 16, 2003

Canon EOS Digital Rebel | 1/3s | F3.5 | ISO 100

Canon EOS Digital Rebel | 1/2s | F3.5 | ISO 100
photofriday: motion
shot these while walking in the snow the night before last in toronto.

photography tip: to get better results with panning technique, try to stand still and don't move your feet, only twist your torso following the subject. start turning before you press the shutter and continue the move even after releasing it. try to match your turning speed with your subject's, and since you won't see the subject while you press the shutter (unless you have a rangefinder, or a non EVF P&S camera) you have to keep the subject in the frame with your mind's eye. start with faster shutter speeds (around 1/20s) and when you got the hold of the technique use slower speeds. practice and you'll see how much fun this technique actually is.