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final days of uptown | September 14, 2003

Canon G3 | 1/100s | F4 | ISO 50
last day of toronto film festival, uptown theater. sadly this was the last day of this gem of a cinema, which is the last of its own in toronto. it was built in the twenties with enough seats for 3000 people and was renovated in seventies and got divided to 4 smaller theaters, but still the main one has 900 seats which is the largest in town. now they are destroying this wonderful hystorical spot to make a condominium building!
anyone who lives in toronto has the power to protest against this outrageous urban crime. let's tell anyone we know and write to any official in charge seeking any possible solution.
so much text for my photoblog today! well, you can tell i'm angry and i'm sure if you could see this beautiful theater, you would be too.
UPDATE: there is a petition for this here. sign it!